November Book Signing Updates

Just posting a quick update on all the book signing events that I know of for this month, and if y’all are interested in going to these.

Yesterday, Fully Booked released in their facebook page the details for Hanya Yanagihara’s upcoming discussion and book signing event. It is tied up with De La Salle University and will be held on the 9th of November. Check out the poster below for details:

The event is free but the slots are so limited and the books for the signing must be bought from Fully Booked. Β I will either be attending this event along with my sister.

National Bookstore has also announced a book signing for Lauren Kate, along with a meet and greet with Harrison Gilbertson who plays Cam in the Fallen movie. More details on the poster below:

I’m not sure if I’ll be going to this, I was interested but when I went to Powerbooks in Megamall, the staff informed me that copies of Lauren Kate’s books are out of stock in all their branches. So maybe I won’t go.

As mentioned before, Amy Ewing will have a book signing here but I probably won’t go to this anymore. I’ve just finished reading The Jewel, but I didn’t like it that much (stay tuned for my review on that). But if you are interested, the details are here below:

And lastly, Peter Lerangis will also have a book signing here, and I will definitely be attending this with my friends. If you are too, let me know so I can go say hi. For more details see the poster below:

All the book signing events listed are free, so yay! It is also important that your books to be signed are from the respective bookstore that is hosting it, so keep your price tags and receipts.

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