Book Review: True Calling by Siobhan Davis

True Calling (True Calling #1 by Siobhan Davis)
Published October 2014 by Siobhan Davis
Genre: Young Adult Scifi

Goodreads Summary:
For Ariana Skyee, Planet Novo was everything it promised to be until the authorities introduced “The Calling” as their response to repopulation. Now, all seventeen-year-olds are to participate in this Bachelor-style pageant to find their perfect match, marry, and have children.

But that’s not Ariana’s only concern. Thanks to the government-sanctioned memory erase, she has no recollection of Zane, the mystery boy who haunts her dreams. Things are further complicated when the pageant commences and her feelings for fellow Cadet Cal Remus intensify. Together, they start to realize not everything about their new home is as it seems.

Entangled in a dangerous web of deceit, Ariana sets out to identify the truth. Conflicted over warnings that Cal isn’t trustworthy and alarmed at the government’s increasing interest in her, she doesn’t know where to turn. But her search for the truth comes at a high personal price. When her world implodes, discovering the past shapes her future with devastating consequences.


My Rating:🌟🌟


My Review:

I have received an e-ARC of this for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Let me start off by saying that the story was interesting for me, or, well the idea of the story was interesting, which was what kept me going initially. But as it progressed, I started getting confused, cause there seemed to be a lot of major plot points that were all over the place?

This could still be pulled off I think, but the writing style was too off for me. I think it could have been delivered in a bit cleaner manner. I’m not a huge fan or Ariana’s inner dialogue too.

Oh and here we go with the characters, let’s start with Ariana. I don’t like her. She’s a bit immature, and wow the girl hate she has towards anyone who even remotely flirts with Cal is intense, and this is one of my biggest character pet peeves.

Someone would him would never be interested in someone like me, especially when there are so many other gorgeous girls who would literally give their right arm to be with him.

“Half of them are total hos,” he says bluntly.
I shouldn’t be pleased, but I am.

The bimbo – I refuse to acknowledge her by her name – gives Cal her undivided attention much to my chagrin.

And oh dear lord Cal, he is equally immature as Ariana, and equally infuriating.
Then there’s Zane, the literal dreamboy who is actually real and actually very much in love with Ariana too but she doesn’t remember him.

There were a lot of plot elements here
First we have The Calling, which is basically like The Selection in Space (oh and this is whether they like it or not)
Then we have the issue of banning homosexuality
Then we have the resistance and all that uprising against the government
Then we have these dream connections
Then we have the love triangles.
Oh lord the love triangles.

So it really made me wonder why all of this just served more as a backdrop to the Cal-Ariana-Zane love triangle. It focused more on the raging hormones romance, when I actually wanted it to take a back seat cause the world building and the plot had a lot of potential. The whole The Calling process felt rather rushed too, when it was so detailed at the beginning.

They also seemed to talk freely about things that are supposed to be kept secret when they fully know they are being monitored by cameras. And Zane emailing classified information? Seriously?

Overall this booked seemed to not be my cup of tea, but if you like romance with a sci fi setting, then go right ahead and check this one out.



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