So guess who got pressured into finally making an about page?

Hello, I’m Saii and I have a book hoarding problem.
I’m a reader, a daydreamer, and oh miss believer.
I like books, musicals and makeup.
Iced coffee gives me life.
I randomly burst into song every once in a while
I have a crush on that guy on the ten dollar bill.

I like reading about:
– villains and dragons and damsels saving themselves
– spacetravel and invasions and super computers gone rogue
– romantic comedies that make me laugh and cry cause of cuteness

If I were to be a fictional character I’d probably be an evil queen a la Cersei Lannister and Queen Levana.
Or be a bad ass witch like Manon Blackbeak cause honestly she slays.

I literally don’t know what else to put on here so have a photo of my face.
Excuse the pink filter I was obsessed with that about three months ago.